Delaneys and Alcatraz Socks

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Handmade knitted Socks style Delaneys and Alcatraz Socks

"Delaneys and Alcatraz Socks" Custom knitted Crew Socks

-- Classic Crew Style, Mid-Calf Length Sock
-- Smooth Toe Seam and Reverse Cotton Terry towel foot bedding, Sole & Heel
-- 60% Polyester, 32% Cotton & 8% Spandex


Delaneys: Blue and Yellow socks stripes

Alcatraz: Black and white socks stripes

All socks are knitted/printed as ordered - Please allow up to 1-3 business days for processing.

Designed by one of our Sizocks designers, our socks are knitted from a silky soft blend of cotton, polyester and spandex to allow a snug fit in all the right places, hugging your feet with extreme comfort that won't shift or crumple. Sizocks socks are knitted/printed with extreme detail and vibrant colors and inspected for print perfection. No white lines up the sides and they are not paper thin cheap socks, they are thick high-quality construction with a terry cushion sole.

Care Instructions

Wash socks using cold or warm water with a mild laundry soap (ecological, biodegradable types preferred) and drying on the line is the best way to clean and maintain all Sizocks socks.

Shipping Time
We make and ship as soon as possible. Normally, the order will be shipped from 1-3 business days. Thank you for your patience!