Crazy ! Nordstorm sells $1,200 socks-with-sandals combo !

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Crazy ! Nordstorm sells $1,200 socks-with-sandals combo !

Socks with sandals are a generally-accepted fashion “no,” regardless of what the average well-meaning dad says.

If you slap the name Gucci on it, add a heel and charge $1,190, does that change things?


Ponder the question while you stare in awe at the “sock-with-sandals trend that highlights glossy finishes and luscious red leather,” according to the Gucci Ilse Sock Sandal product description on

The sock-shoe combo is made in Italy, features a 4-inch heel and, if you’re dying to wear them, they're available for preorder.

Perhaps you can pair them with another recent head-scratcher from Nordstrom, the clear-knee mom jeans “for a futuristic feel” for only $95.

An early April Fools prank or a clever marketing trick? 

The world may never know.

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